Common Trade Show Mistakes

Beware the tempting bowl of candy. Will it help you with customers at your tradeshow?

Here are a few of the mistakes that happen at trade shows that can make an event planner like me – or even someone walking through the show – a little bit crazy

* Bowls of candy are great at a booth, but often they just invite grazers instead of gazers. You want someone interested in your products, not someone who is just hungry.

* A giant booth with too many staffers wearing the same outfit can be intimidating for people attending a show. Stepping into your staff meeting isn’t warming and inviting for a visitor.

* Hand people a specific brochure specific to what they need, instead of setting up a rack of

every brochure you offer. You don’t want to look like a library.

* Nothing is more of a turnoff than seeing someone “working” their booth who clearly has no interest in being there. Is a potential customer really going to stop at your booth if you’re reading a book, playing on your phone and not even attempting to engage them as they walk by? Key phrase being walk by because if you won’t even attempt to make eye contact with them, chances are they won’t be stopping.

* Make sure some of your staff are circulating instead of sitting in the booth the entire day. Don’t miss opportunities to mingle.

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