The start of an EPIC adventure from the eyes of an EPIC intern

Hey guys! Epic Events intern Krystal here!


Since it’s been a while since Epic has made a blog post, I decided it’s my duty as the new Epic intern to keep everybody updated on the exciting things going on in the world of Epic Events!

Well, we made it through the craziest part of our year without any of us going insane! There were some close calls though. We had our biggest events of the year; OKC Charity Fight Night and Chocolate Decadence, within two weeks of each other, so we’ve been crazy busy for the past month.

Fight Night was a huge hit. Ha, get it? Huge HIT? You know, because it’s FIGHT Night? You can go ahead and laugh now.

Anyways, Fight Night was so much fun for everybody involved! The Epic Events crew got to put on our fancy evening wear and watch hundreds of good-lookin’ men go crazy for professional fighters hitting the sweat out of each other in the boxing ring, all to raise money for a great cause!

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Our celebrity guest for this event was Tommy “Hitman” Hearns who has won eight world titles in six different weight divisions. This is him showing how much of a ladies man he is at the Fight Night VIP party.


We had some awesome items to auction off at the event and helped raise tons of money for the Oklahoma City Police Athletic League (PAL).

Chocolate Decadence benefiting Historic Automobile Alley is one our favorite nights of the year because well, chocolate. 20 of Oklahoma City’s tastiest restaurants brought sweet and savory treats that included chocolate. Chocolate was everywhere. Wine was everywhere. It was heavenly.


98.9 Kiss FM’s Jack and Ron did a wonderful job emceeing the event, but the real MVP’s of the night were the Best in Show judges. I imagine that decision was probably in the running of top 3 hardest decisions to have had to make in their entire life.

Shoutout to Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse for winning the People’s Choice Award and to Broadway 10 Bar & Chophouse for winning the overall Best In Show Award, but in my eyes (and stomach) everybody deserved an award.