EPIC Tips for any Event

How many of you want to put on the most EPIC event but have absolutely no idea where to start? Have no fear! Epic Events intern, Krystal is here to give you some quick tips to help you get the party started!


4 Quick Tips for Planning a Successful Event:

  1. What’s your Objective?

Do you want to throw a rockin’ New Year’s Eve party for your close friends to start the year off right? Or are you trying to plan a golf tournament to raise money for a non-profit? Figure out why you’re having this shindig and what you want your guests to get from it!

  1. Who’s your Audience?

Who do you want to invite to your event? This is super important because it helps you know how you should promote your event and more importantly, it helps you figure out what will go on during your event.

  1. What’s your Message?

This is especially important if you are planning a fundraiser. If you are trying to raise awareness or money for an organization, let everybody know, and let them know ALL THE TIME. For instance, if you’re trying to raise money for an animal shelter, don’t be afraid to get all Sarah McLachlan on people and pluck at their heartstrings…over and over again. You want your guests to remember your message!


And last, but certainly not least…

  1. What is your Budget?

I kind of think this is the most important part of planning an event. Make sure you decide how much money you want to raise (if that’s the kind of event you want to have) and plan your budget around that! If you’re not planning a fundraiser, make sure you set a budget and STICK TO IT. If you don’t have an EPIC budget, don’t sweat it, you can still have a fabulous party on a dime!

We’ll talk more about Partying on a Dime next time, so stay tuned and don’t forget to share this info with all your Epic friends!