Details You’ll Probably Overlook When Planning an Event

Epic Events is in the midst of a heavy event-planning season. We’ve got a bunch of super fun and EPIC events coming up in the fall that we’re getting ready for. With that being said, I’ve come up with some things that if over-looked in the planning process, could be disastrous the day of an event.

Coat check-If your event is during the fall/Winter, you need a coat check. People that are rollin’ up to your winter event in their lavish fur coats don’t want to have to sling it on the back of their chair or hold it the entire time. Make sure you have a place for people to put their coats without fear of it being taken, and make it easy for them to pick up on their way out.

Kim Kardashian walks North West out of their apartment in NYC. Pictured: North West Ref: SPL949374  110215   Picture by: XactpiX Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:	310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666

 North West rocking the mess out of that fur jacket.

Trash Cans- these are super easy to completely forget about. You’ve spent so much time picking out the perfect hors de ‘oeuvres and cutest little plates and napkins to put them on, but what do your guests do with their trash? Or maybe your venue already had trashcans but they are super small and are filling up quickly? Who is responsible for taking the trash out and putting a new bag in? Make sure you know the answers to these questions before people start throwing their trash on the ground!

Electrical Outlets– When you’re on a site visit, you should check to see first, if they have electrical outlets, and if they do, how many and where are they? You’ll need AT LEAST one outlet for each DJ, band, restaurant, and other entertainment you might have at your event. If you only have a couple of outlets, you run the risk of blowing a fuse. Both literally and metaphorically! Save yourself the stress and figure out the electrical situation before the day of the event.

Proper Bathroom facilities– this can seriously make or break your event! You could have the most Epic event in the area, but if you’ve only got 1 bathroom for both the men and women, and it’s a gross port-a-potty, that’s all they’ll remember. I know, you’re probably thinking “Krystal, that’s ridiculous. People don’t care THAT much about bathrooms.” Au contraire mon ami! People take their potties seriously! Make sure you have plenty of CLEAN bathrooms for your guests to use.


There’s nothing wrong with spending a little on bathrooms! These bathroom trailers are so nice!

I hope this blog post saves you from a possible disaster the day of your event, and if it does, you’re welcome.

Until next time friends!