4 Things You’ll Forget to Bring on the Day of an Event That You’ll Probably Need

You’ve spent months planning an event and making sure everything turns out EXACTLY how it was envisioned. Don’t mess it up at the very last minute! Here’s a list of 4 things you won’t even think about bringing on the day of an event that are kind of important.


1. Emergency Supply Kit. This includes a first-aid kit, because event planning can be dangerous! A lousy paper cut cannot hinder a busy day setting up for an event! The Emergency Supply Kit should also include pens, sharpies (you’d be surprised at how often you need one of these), rubber bands, paper clips and last but certainly not least, business cards because everybody is a potential client- or you may want to give that hottie setting up the AV your number, but don’t want it to be too obvious 😉


  1. Phone Charger. You would think that this is an obvious one, but in the midst of packing your car up with everything else you need for the day of an event, your phone charger is seriously the LAST thing you’ll think about!
  1. Snacks and a water bottle- or your drink of choice (we aren’t judging). On the day of an event, you don’t know when you’ll get to eat a meal, or if you’ll even get to eat one at all. I don’t know about you, but I get GRUMPY when I get hungry, and ain’t nobody got time for that!screen-shot-2012-04-29-at-9-35-42-pm
  1. Clothes for the Event. This is another one that you’d think would be obvious, but it’s so easily overlooked because you’re worried about everything else. On the day of an event I’m usually wearing comfortable clothes and shoes that I can move heavy tables and such in and then get ready in the bathroom before the event starts. Remember to bring not only clothes and shoes, but also makeup, hair styling products, and probably the most important thing-deodorant. Forgetting deodorant can be deadly. Literally.400x400_1427403401044-oh-god-i-forgot-to-put-on-deodorant

Obviously, there’s so much more that you’ll need to bring on the day of an event that are more specific to your event, but those are just a few things the Epic Events team thinks are Must Haves for every event! Until next time, keep it classy and stay prepared dear friends.