My First Born

I normally try to stay away from talking about Epic Events and myself in blog posts and give my readers something they can learn from and can help them when planning their own events, but today will be an exception.

Thursday, September 3rd 2015 was a milestone for me in my event-planning career. On that day, from 7:30-11, a brand new event called Flight for Futures benefiting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County took place. This was the first event that I have been a part of from the very beginning to the very end! I helped this event grow from a tiny baby idea in somebody’s noggin to an EPIC 500 person, tens-of-thousands of dollars raising PARTAY, and it all happened in 3 months! Which is cray cray. Just to give you some perspective, we’ve been doing an event called Fight Night benefiting the Oklahoma City Police Athletic League for 10 years and it takes us almost 6 months to plan the event every year.

Since I kind of feel like Flight for Futures is my baby, I imagine the planning process of this event and being pregnant/giving birth have a lot of similarities. Weird? Maybe? Maybe not? I spent 9 (3 months. Same thing) long months giving this baby (the event) the nutrients (scheduling/securing vendors, budgeting expenses, etc) it needs to make sure it comes out healthy (successful) with my loving husband (the wonderful Flight for Futures committee) by my side to feed me Funyuns (solicit sponsors AKA bring in the $$) and tie my shoes for me (sell tickets) because I can’t see my feet. See the similarities now? Giving birth (the actual event) was a whirlwind of emotions and went by so quick, but the baby (event) came out healthy (we raised TONS of money for BGCOKC) and happy (EVERYBODY had a great time).

Here are some pictures from the night of the event because I’m proud of my baby.

2015 Silly Committee Photo IMG_6078 IMG_6093 IMG_6100IMG_6080IMG_6107