Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since we’ve had a blog post because we’ve been busy planning EPIC events! But worry not, just like Slim Shady- we’re back.

We’ve been working on a brand spankin’ new event coming to OKC on March 31st– April 2nd called Design Appetit. At one of our planning committee meetings not too long ago, a committee member brought up a million dollar question: How do we get the word out and get people to come to our event?

An unspeakable amount of hard work goes into planning an event (especially this one because we’ve been planning this shindig since last May). We’ve got awesome entertainment scheduled and delicious – FREE – food, but none of it will matter if only 50 people show up. Not to mention, we would actually end up losing money if that happened, and it’s called a fundRAISER not a fundLOSER – am I right?!lonelybirthdayparty-e1428417619931

How to Get People At Your Event

There’s the obvious: Social Media. Some of our clients create a Facebook page for their event and then create an event from that Facebook page where they can invite people to RSVP. You can do the same kind of thing with other social media platforms too! Patrick Shea, a marketing manager at HubSpot makes the point in a webinar that social media should complement all of your marketing efforts when it comes to promoting an event. Incorporate your Facebook and Twitter links into your email invites and newsletters. But make sure you’re consistent with your posting on social media. There’s no point in sharing your event’s social media links if you don’t have quality content being shared. Post the link to purchase tickets or pictures of entertainment and auction items that will be at your event to get people interested in coming!

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Partner with Industry Organizations and Use Your Sponsors. Lot’s of times our committee members have connections with people in industry organizations who are more than happy to promote our event through their mailing lists and newsletters. This way, your event will be shared with more of the community than it ever would have with just your committee sharing it.
You should also have your sponsors spread the word to their friends. Getting 100 people to bring 10 friends each is way easier than getting 10 people to bring 100 friends each. Make sure to give your sponsors and industry partners a template, so all they have to do is personalize it and send!

Personal Invites. While social media is a sure way to get your event seen with little work on your part, the BEST way to get people to come to your event is to personally invite them. Anything from a phone call to an email to a coffee meeting telling them about this EPIC event that you are a part of and you think they would really enjoy it. When you reach out to somebody like this they are more likely to come 1. Because people have a hard time saying no to your face and 2. Because they feel like you genuinely want them at your event55359263

Here’s the thing though, if you get people to come to your event YOU. HAVE. TO. DELIVER. If your guests have an awesome time at your event they’ll bring their friends next year and your event will continue to grow!e70e1ee937f9d3071fbbbb5b477a8cb7078e1a5bdb5d3b2e3ec9704f8462c64a

There are so many other ways to get people to come to your event, but those are just a few that we like to use. Until next time, happy planning friends!