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The Epic Journey: Week 2 – May 26-30

00ynpnM: On Memorial Day we remember the men and women who serve our country. We recognize the sacrifices each solider, and their families, makes for our country and we are so thankful for the freedom to live in the country we love and to do what we love at Epic Events.



T: After much time spent with the expert, Victor at Conventions & More, Epic Events has finalized a layout for the Party & Event Expo, taking place in the Travel & Transportation Building on the OKC Fairgrounds. The flow of traffic, electrical outlets, fire marshal requirements for public safety and pipe and drape were all considered to make this event perfect for both our exhibitors and our guests. This event is unlike any other! Party planning ideas, resources questions and solutions can be found within this 64,000 sq. ft. space.

00VoltW: We all know the moment a team mascot hits the scene the party can officially start! Sledge from the Tulsa Oiler’s, Volt from the Tulsa Shock and Routie the Roadrunner from the Tulsa 66’ers will be at the DSAT golf tournament fundraiser Monday, June 16th. This event benefits the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa and we can’t wait to see the big smiles on the children’s faces when they see the mascots!

00flagR: Everyone always hears about the power of networking in the professional world. Epic Events experienced the benefits of it at the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network’s happy hour last Thursday. Since Epic Events works with many nonprofit organizations across the state, this was such a fun way to meet new people and new organizations!


NEF logo

F: Okay, so we can’t keep it in anymore… Newcastle Education Foundation has joined the Epic family as our latest and greatest client! NEF financially assists students, teachers and administrators through innovation and empowerment in the Newcastle Public Schools to foster excellence in education. Epic Events is honored to be apart of a mission so much bigger than all of us!


The Epic Journey: Week 1 – May 19-23

Epic Events LLC specializes in corporate event planning, non-profit fundraising events, and social private party planning in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and beyond.

From Initital Concepts to Post-Event Reporting, we experience it all daily. Join us as we share the journey of being Epic Events!

M: Epic Events welcomed the newest member of our family, Tiffany Anderson this week. Tiffany graduated from Oklahoma State University this May with a Strategic Communications degree. She is looking forward to all she has to learn from and offer to Epic Events!

T: Have you ever seen a jet torch cigar lighter? Did you know there were so many varieties to choose from? We had no idea until we stopped by ZT Cigars on Tuesday to shop for gift ideas for our guests for our annual OKC Charity Fight Night event held in January each year. Yes we know it’s only May, and Fight Night is still eight months away, but this event is so EPIC that it takes this long to plan.Week 1 Blog Pic

W: Epic Events posted the official Save The Date for the Party & Event Expo that’s happening this August 5th at the Travel & Transportation Building on the OKC Fairgrounds! Epic Events created this unique expo for anyone who has an event to plan. From a birthday bash to a non-profit fundraiser and everything in between, you’ll find the resources you need at the Party & Event Expo to make whatever your event, truly unique.

R: In between a morning planning meeting for our upcoming OKC Charity Fight Night 2015 event and an afternoon post-Fandango budget meeting on Thursday, Epic Events stopped by MaMa E’s for lunch to try their famous wings and waffle combo. As an Oklahoma based business we recognize the importance of supporting our local establishments! Always remember to Keep it Local, folks!

F: Epic Events met with the Executive Director of Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association to go over the results of the fundraising golf tournament held on May 5. This event raised over $85,000 toward MADA’s charity, the Car Dealers Care Foundation’s mission to assist individuals in the local auto industry in need of charitable, educational and medical support.

Check in with us next week as we plan a fundraising golf tournament for the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa held Monday, June 16th!


Reward Your Volunteers: Here’s Five Ways How

High five! Your volunteers just did a great job at your event!

So your organization has pulled off an incredible event. Your donors are happy and you’re happy. So how do you give your volunteers the credit and praise they deserve? Here are some easy ways.

● List your volunteers in a newsletter and express your thanks. You could even write articles or salutes on individual volunteers who have made great contributions.

● Give each volunteer a certificate of appreciation. To make the task easy, use a template. Frame it up, design it well and the volunteer will appreciate it.

● Write each volunteer a handwritten, personal note and send it by mail. The handwritten note of thanks is a dying art that most people still greatly appreciate.

● At your next event, give your key volunteers special shirts, corsages or some other small token to be worn so they can be recognized by other attendees.

● Privately tell each volunteer you appreciate him or her every chance you get. Some volunteers will not feel as comfortable as others with publicly expressed gratitude. A reminder in private about how important they are to you and to the cause may be just what they need.

Common Trade Show Mistakes

Beware the tempting bowl of candy. Will it help you with customers at your tradeshow?

Here are a few of the mistakes that happen at trade shows that can make an event planner like me – or even someone walking through the show – a little bit crazy

* Bowls of candy are great at a booth, but often they just invite grazers instead of gazers. You want someone interested in your products, not someone who is just hungry.

* A giant booth with too many staffers wearing the same outfit can be intimidating for people attending a show. Stepping into your staff meeting isn’t warming and inviting for a visitor.

* Hand people a specific brochure specific to what they need, instead of setting up a rack of

every brochure you offer. You don’t want to look like a library.

* Nothing is more of a turnoff than seeing someone “working” their booth who clearly has no interest in being there. Is a potential customer really going to stop at your booth if you’re reading a book, playing on your phone and not even attempting to engage them as they walk by? Key phrase being walk by because if you won’t even attempt to make eye contact with them, chances are they won’t be stopping.

* Make sure some of your staff are circulating instead of sitting in the booth the entire day. Don’t miss opportunities to mingle.

Top 10 Items to Lock Down for Your Event, Part Two

Is your event on lockdown? Epic Events can help with all of the issues that go into event planning.

Is your event on lockdown? Epic Events can help with all of the issues that go into event planning.

Still wanting to make sure your event goes as perfectly as planned? Here are five more items to make sure you have locked down. Check out Part One here if you missed it.

6. Music. A great band and the best DJ won’t do everything for you. You need to make sure the guests at your event can be heard and the music is appropriate. Don’t let the music send guests running.

7. Lighting. Lighting can make the difference in an intimate event, a party or a serious gathering. Be careful about where the lights are pointed and the mood they evoke.

8. Pacing. There should be a flow to all the segments of a big event, from the welcome to the good-bye. Be prepared for last minute changes. Part of the planner’s job is to make the flow work.

9. Feedback. Checking in regularly with the event’s hosts, guests and key personnel is very important. Check in regularly, and make sure they’re happy and having a good time.

10. Spreading the word. Before your event even opens the door, make sure you have done your best to spread the word. Contacting media, using social media and getting in front of the TV cameras can make a fundraiser a household word before the event starts.

Top 10 Items to Lock Down for Your Event, Part One

Epic Events makes sure your event is locked down

Lock down these details for your next event

There are so many moving parts when it comes to an event, there’s always an opportunity for something to go out of control. But as a professional event planner, my clients work with me to ensure their special moments go off without a hitch.

Here are 5 items that everyone planning an event should make sure are locked down and
perfect for an event.

1. Invitations: The invitation is the event’s first impression. It sets the tone for everything else that follows. It’s important.

2. Installation: When it comes time to install an event, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to finish the installation. You do not want to be caught rushing around and cleaning up when guests walk through the door. You should be out of sight and out of mind by then! Be sure to plan ahead with your venue to ensure you have access to the space with enough time to install.

3. Timing: Some people may think it’s fashionable to start an event late, but really, it’s very rude to list one time on your invitation, and then keep those guests, who have arrived promptly, waiting.

4. Flowers: No matter the type of event, if it’s classy, it should have flowers. Make sure your flowers open fully on the day of your event. Nurturing your flowers to open perfectly when you want them to, takes time and lots of care. When it happens, it’s stunning.

5. Food and Catering: Presenting food to guests once they are seated is elegant. If you’re planning a buffet, do whatever you can to prevent long lines. You don’t want hungry guests with empty plates just standing around.