Reward Your Volunteers: Here’s Five Ways How

High five! Your volunteers just did a great job at your event!

So your organization has pulled off an incredible event. Your donors are happy and you’re happy. So how do you give your volunteers the credit and praise they deserve? Here are some easy ways.

● List your volunteers in a newsletter and express your thanks. You could even write articles or salutes on individual volunteers who have made great contributions.

● Give each volunteer a certificate of appreciation. To make the task easy, use a template. Frame it up, design it well and the volunteer will appreciate it.

● Write each volunteer a handwritten, personal note and send it by mail. The handwritten note of thanks is a dying art that most people still greatly appreciate.

● At your next event, give your key volunteers special shirts, corsages or some other small token to be worn so they can be recognized by other attendees.

● Privately tell each volunteer you appreciate him or her every chance you get. Some volunteers will not feel as comfortable as others with publicly expressed gratitude. A reminder in private about how important they are to you and to the cause may be just what they need.