A Day in the Life of an Epic Event Coordinator

Just because I’m sure everybody is curious about my super fun and glamorous life as an Epic Events Coordinator, here’s a little play by play of the busy day I had on Monday.

I woke up and ate a nutritious breakfast because breakfast is the most important (and not to mention my favorite) meal of the day and should NEVER be skipped. Next, I dug through my closet and found something fabulous to put on because I had a couple meetings to go to and one must always dress to impress!

The first thing I do when I get to work every morning is check my email because there is always a never-ending list of emails that need to be read. In college, I thought communicating through email was so Nineteen-Ninety-and-who-cares? But now email is like, my BFF. Other than phone calls (which I also thought was old school), emailing is the main source of communication here in the event planning world.

Once I got my emails checked and my life together (because it was Monday morning and everybody needs a couple minutes to get back to reality after the weekend), it was time to go to a 10 a.m. meeting for an event we have in September. My job at meetings is mainly note taking. Sometimes I chime in, but normally just listen and learn because I’m new to event planning. This meeting was short, sweet and to the point, talking about booking a band and choosing colors since this was our first meeting with them since last year’s event.

After the meeting it was time to, as my boss says, “divide and conquer”. I had to make a couple of centerpiece options to bring to our 1:30 meeting, which was in an hour and a half. So I booked it (but still drove the speed limit) to Hobby Lobby to get the materials needed while my boss took care of some things back at the office that needed to get done.

As soon as I got back, I checked and answered my emails again, because the world does go on while I’m away from my computer. At this point, there was an hour until the meeting so I ate lunch while channeling my inner DIY-Pinterest-craft-diva to bust out the cutest darn Peter Pan themed centerpieces you ever did see.

The centerpieces were finished just in time for us to pack up for our 1:30 meeting for an event happening on Friday. I presented my centerpiece ideas to our client, and they loved both of them! No surprise there 😉 The rest of the meeting got down into the dirty details of the event like what raffle items should be packaged together and who is going to be there for clean up. 3 hours and 4 pages of notes later, we felt like we were totally ready for the event on Friday and called it a day!

So there’s a little preview into the busy schedule of an event planner. It’s really not all that glamorous, but it is really fun!

Check out how cute the Peter Pan themed centerpieces and the other decor turned out!
IMG_5054 IMG_5065IMG_5073

IMG_5009 IMG_5053

Until next time friends.