How to Make Your EPIC Event a Reality


So you’ve read and followed the quick tips that I gave for planning an Epic Event (that was a smart move on your part). So now what? Your event is all figured out on paper, but how do you make it actually happen? Here are 3 steps to start you off in the right direction of turning your perfect-on-paper event into a reality!

Form a Committee to Help

Large, small, it doesn’t really matter. There are pros and cons to both. Just find people who can bring something to the table. People who have connections and aren’t afraid to ask for favors or even people who are just super creative. There’s so many different ways to help out. Just remember that there will probably be 20% of the committee doing 80% of the work, but that’s okay! The 80% of the committee not doing as much work will still be useful. Like they can bring the wine to the meetings.

Partial Fandango Committee
his is part of our fabulous Fandango Committee at Fandango 2014!

 Find a Venue

After you and your committee decide what kind of space you are going to need and what date you want, find a venue ASAP. Especially if you plan on having it during the spring, fall or around a major holiday because those are heavy event seasons and you’ll be competing for a date against graduations, bridezillas and everyone else for that matter. You can’t really move on with your event planning until you’ve secured a venue.

 Figure out Sponsorship Levels and Approach Potential Sponsors

This is where your committee of go-getters will come in super handy (especially if it’s large). Start asking businesses to sponsor and donate to your event. Hopefully your committee members will have all sorts of connections and will secure some really awesome sponsors. Before you do that though, you have to decide what your sponsors will get in return for their donation or sponsorship. Things like what kind of publicity will be given based on different levels of support, and how many complimentary tickets each level will receive.

 Obviously, there’s so much more that needs to be done before making your dream event a reality, but I think those are three action steps that need to be done before you can plan anything else. Hopefully you find these helpful in planning your EPIC Event!

 Until next time friends!